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Class Information & Descriptions


Open Gym

During Open Gym, Nasser’s is your playground! Of course, our gym is amazing for gymnastics, but that’s not all.  Nasser’s can be used for cheerleading, free running, break dancing, etc. Come in and show us what you can use it for! Open to both members and non-members.


Parent/Child Program (18 months – 3 years old)

Our Parent/Child Program is for the tiny gymnast and their biggest fan! This class is for children 18 months-3 years old and requires active buddy (parent, grandparent, caregiver, etc.) participation. The Parent/Child class allows children to feel secure and relaxed, as the parent is present, which helps maintain their interest as they look, listen, and learn. Class activities involve basic development of body awareness and muscle, as well as teaching beginner gymnastics skills. This class focuses on learning social skills through interaction with other children and development of basic motor skills, coordination, balance, and strength, giving your child a leg-up in those important formative years. Lesson plans are designed to allow the children to enjoy soft, fun, interesting, and colorful adventures throughout the gym.

Come jump, play, sing, and laugh along with your child, and watch them grow before your eyes!

Little Dippers/Big Dippers (3 – 5 years old)

Little and Big Dippers are for Pre-Schoolers that have mastered the basics and will learn to tumble their way to the gold! Children will receive a more advanced introduction to basic gymnastics, motor skills, and creative movement in a fun, playful environment that blends physical, cognitive, and daily living skills. These classes help develop social interaction skills with other children and teaches the tots how to follow directions, as they are introduced to fundamental body positions and various gymnastics equipment. Proper progression activities are used to help each student develop and practice gymnastics skills in a safe, effective manner.

Little Dippers are for Pre-Schoolers ages 3-4 and Big Dippers are for Pre-Schoolers that are 5 years old.

Shining/Shooting Stars (6 – 13 years old)

Shining and Shooting Stars are for beginner girls that are eager to learn! These classes focus on learning and perfecting fundamentals, preparing the gymnasts to begin learning more complex gymnastics skills. As the children grow, they become more aware of their bodies, learning strength and control. This introductory class exposes students to the foundation of gymnastics skills, body form and positions, strength, and flexibility. Students progress at their own pace on all four Olympic apparatus (Vault, Bars, Beam, and Floor) as well as TumblTrak.

Shining Stars is for girls ages 6-9 and Shooting Stars is for girls ages 10-13.

Beginner Boys

The boy’s program is a constructive way to burn off energy while gaining strength, discipline, and agility. This is the first class in a two-class series, designed as an introduction to men’s gymnastics. This all boys class allows our boys to break away from the girls and explore the specifics of men’s gymnastics and all 6 men’s events: high bar, parallel bars, rings, vault, floor, and pommel horse. The beginning of each class is spent stretching and warming up, with an emphasis on strength training and flexibility. The boys then rotate through a series of events, learning introductory skills on all events.

Gymnastics is a great sport for boys that can increase their performance in many other sports as well. By participating in gymnastics, your son will become stronger, more flexible, more agile, and have a better sense of where his body is in the air, all resulting in an overall improvement in his fitness and athleticism.

Advanced Boys

This class is the second in the two series of our boy’s program and is designed for those who have achieved proficiency in our Beginner Boys class. Training intensity is increased while more advanced skills are taught in proper progression on all 6 events. As the more difficult skills require more strength and flexibility, greater emphasis is placed on these components. The Advanced Boys class begins to train lower level men’s gymnastics skills while building on previously learned skills. Participation in our Advanced Boys class is by invitation only.

Adult Gymnastics (ages 14 and up)

Do you have friends who can flip and do cartwheels better than they can walk? This program is NOT (just) for them! Our Adult Gymnastics Class caters to individuals who have never tumbled or whose previous attempts at getting airborne have ended in a face plant. Young adults and adults (ages 14 and up) who have never tried gymnastics or who were once gymnasts but have forgotten it, will have a fun time learning proper gymnastics progressions. Adults will improve their strength, flexibility, and body awareness, as well as master fundamental gymnastics skills. And if you’re also a talented gymnast, we’ll take you too. We can keep you challenged!

Little Stars

Little Stars are for intermediate gymnasts with big dreams! This is our Pre-Team program that is designed to increase training intensity placed on students in a progressive manner. New skills are introduced and skills previously learned are polished and perfected, focusing on good form and presentation. Little Stars is also designed to prepare our gymnasts for competitive gymnastics in the future. Every gymnast must be evaluated before being placed in our Pre-Team Program.

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