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How do I enroll to begin class?


1. Complete all fields on the form below and submit

2. We will email you (usually within a week) to confirm placement, tuition, and start date.

3. Once your child is placed, you will need to pay the $45 annual enrollment fee and $25 trial class fee prior to their first class. Payments are made online on the Pay Here page. These fees are non-refundable.

4. Once your child complete’s their trial class, should you wish for him/her to remain enrolled, the balance of that month’s prorated tution will be due prior to their next class.


CLASS PLACEMENT: Once the registration form & enrollment fee are recieved in our office, you will recieve an email (typically within a week) to place your child in a class. We do our best to place your child based on your top preference, however, placement is based on availability. We keep our class sizes small to optimize your child’s development and safety. Payment (for either a trial class or the first month’s prorated tution – see below for details) is due prior to your child’s first day of class.

NEW STUDENTS: We start all new students in a beginner class for their first month. We place that class at the beginning of each month. Once new students have completed the beginner curriculum, they will move into an open regular class of your choosing.

TRIAL CLASS: You can chose to begin with a trial class. Trial classes are $25. Once completing the trial, should you decide to remain enrolled, the $25 trial fee will be applied towards your first month’s tution.

MONTHLY TUITION: Your first month’s tution will be prorated based on your start date. Following that initial month, tution is due the 1st of the month. A $10 late fee wll be applied if payment is received after the 7th of the month. Your tution reserves your child’s spot in their designated class for the entire month. For this reason, we do not offer makeups, except in the case of illness and contingent upon class availability. Should payment be late, your child’s enrollment may be cancelled. We HIGHLY recommend signing up for automatic payments to prevent this. We can get this set up for you in-person. See our payments and makeup policy for more details.

ANNUAL ENROLLMENT FEEThis is an annual fee, which will be due again every subsequent August following initial sign up. 

CONTRACTS (No thank you!): There is no contract or minimum amount of months required to join. Tuition is paid month to month. 

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