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How do I Register to begin class?

Complete all fields on the Form below.

After completing the form below, pay the $20 deposit per child located under the “Pay Here” heading. This deposit will go toward your tuition. There is no contract or minimum months to join. 

Once the registration & deposit is recieved in our office, you will recieve a call (typically within a week) to place your child in a class. Class placcement is based on availability.  During this call, the Annual Membership Fee and Tuition will be explained. Fees and tuition must be paid online before attending any other classes. Your $20 deposit covers the 1 time trial class. 

After this is completed, your child is offically enrolled! If the Annual Membership Fee and Monthly Tuition is not recieved, your child is not in a class! The Monthly Tuition is what pays for your child’s classes. 

Quick Recap:

Register -> Pay Deposit -> Wait for a Call -> Child Placed in Class -> Pay Annual Membership Fee  & Monthly Tuition -> Your Child is a Student at Nasser’s!!

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