3055 Old Shell Road, Mobile, AL 36607 +1 (251) 479-9311 nassergym@yahoo.com

Steps for Enrollment


Before making any payments, send us an email (nassergym@yahoo.com)

or give us a call (251-479-9311) to confirm a class day and time.


Step 1: Pay for Trial / Deposit

In order to confirm your trial class, a payment must be made. Make sure that you are paying for the correct class from this list given.


Step 2: Pay for Annual Membership Fee

Once you enroll for the class, a payment for the Annual Membership Fee must be made. If there are multiple children being enrolled, please make sure that you have added the correct fee to your order.


Step 3:  Pay for Monthly Membership

After purchasing the Annual Membership Fee, a payment must be received for the class itself. Make sure that the correct amount is being paid for (you may call or email us to make sure).


Step 4: Enjoy the Class!

Now it is time to start the class, and we hope you enjoy it!

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