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Frequently Asked Questions


What ages do you offer for gymnastics or tumbling classes?

At Nasser Gymnastics, we have classes for all ages starting at 18 months old to adults!



What should my child wear to class?

Girls: Leotards are recommended. Gym shorts and a tucked in t-shirt are also permitted.
Boys: Sport shorts and a tucked in t-shirt. Please no buttons or zippers on shorts.
Cheerleaders: Sport shorts and a tucked in t-shirt. Cheer shoes are not necessary, and we prefer cheerleaders to be barefoot.
Midriff must be covered, no exposed stomachs.



Can I stay and watch my child during class?

There are multiple viewing areas (upstairs and downstairs) available. There is also a playroom if you have any other children waiting. You are able to be in the playroom and watch classes going on at the same time. (COVID-19 Update: To ensure the utmost safety and well being of our clients, we ask that only ONE person per student (16 years old and up) is allowed inside to watch during class time. We appreciate your cooperation during this time. Your safety is our TOP priority.)


Can I drop my child off for class?

Yes! We do ask that you stay for at least the first lesson. Once class is over, please come back inside to pick up your child. 


What is the student to coach ratio for each class?

We are proud to have our classes on the smaller scale with about a 6:1 student to coach ratio. The benefit of having smaller classes is that the kids get more of the one-on-one interaction with their coach. This leads to advancing faster in their classes.



Do I need to bring anything with me to class?

Your child can bring a bag with water, hand sanitizer, ponytail holders and any other equipment they may need for practice (braces, chalk, tape, pre-wrap).


What should I expect my child to learn in the beginner classes?

Depending on their age, our classes will teach your child how to do the basic skills for gymnastics on Bars, Beam, Floor, and Vault. When they achieve every skill, that is when they can advance into the next class where they learn harder skills.


How do I determine which class my child should be in?

If you are unsure which class your child should be in, you may schedule an evaluation for $20. This evaluation will give the coaches an exact understanding of what your child already knows, and our coaches can put her/him in the correct class. Call us today to schedule an evaluation!



What happens if we miss a lesson?

Each child is allowed one make-up class per month. Make-ups must be scheduled through the office, not the coach. Missed classes must be made up within the same month of the absence.
1. Make-up classes are held the last Saturday of the month. Make-ups not scheduled within one month are forfeited. Due to limited availability of class space, only one class may be made up per month, regardless of the number of classes missed during that month. Make-ups are granted in circumstances such as illness, death in the family, etc. If a scheduled make-up class is missed, another make-up class will not be permitted. Only the office staff can schedule make-ups. Please contact the office after the absence, to see if you qualify for a make-up class.
2. Please do not bring sick children to the gym. Any child showing signs of illness will be asked to leave the facility. There will be no exceptions to this policy. In case of illness, please schedule a make-up class.
3. Pre-Team and Team gymnasts receive discounted rates for tuition and are not provided make-ups for missed practices


How do I pay online?

Payments can be made online on our website, at nassergym.net/pay-here, for tuition, private lessons, birthday party deposits, etc. If there is not an option for your payment on our website, please give us a call and we will be happy to take your payment over the phone.


Are sibling discounts available?

Sibling discounts are applied to our annual membership fee and monthly tuition. When an additional child is enrolled, they receive a $5 discount to both of those fees.


Are discounts available when purchasing multiple months of tuition?

There are not any additional discounts available, except the sibling discounts.


How long is each class?

Beginner classes range from 50 to 60 minutes. For more details, please visit our online schedule posted on our website at https://nassergym.net/class-schedule/.


Will my child go to all events during their practice? (Bars, Beam, Floor, and Vault)

For our beginner classes, our goal is to take the children to 3 out of 4 events during a practice. Our team, will split their time on all 4 events since they practice for longer hours.



How long does my child have to be in a class before they get to move up to the next level?

At Nasser’s, our goal is to prepare your child for our Competition Team by teaching the proper progressions. Each child is moved up on an individual basis. When your child is ready to move up, our coaches will let you know. You may also schedule an evaluation at any time to see what your child needs to work on.


How can my child participate in the competition team?

Any of our gymnasts in Level 1 or higher have the opportunity to compete. If you would like to see if your child is able to be on those teams, you may request an evaluation for $20 to see which class your child should be in. To schedule an evaluation, please contact us at either nassergym@yahoo.com or (251) 479-9311.


When will I find out the competition schedule?

Our Compulsory and Optional Teams are given a competition schedule a few months prior to the beginning of their meet season. If you are interested in competing, please give us a call or email to schedule an evaluation!
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