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Mr. Nasser, Founder/Owner

Nasser Parvinrouh was born in Shiraz, Iran. He was an Olympic gymnast and competed for Iran in the 1964 Olympics in Japan. At one time, Mr. Nasser was ranked 16th in the world!

Mr. Nasser established Nasser Gymnastics Academy in August 1970.
Nasser Gymnastics Academy was founded with the vision to build a facility that would provide a safe, developmental, and rewarding environment for aspiring gymnasts. He instituted progressive training techniques to ensure each student received the best instruction possible while having fun. 

Mr. Nasser taught Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance at Faulkner State Community College from 1971-1982. He opened his first, self-owned gymnasium in Spanish Fort and then a second gym in Mobile in 1982. He built the gym that we’re in now in 2000. Mr. Nasser loves gymnastics and introduced the local community to the great sport through years of grass-roots, load up the back of a cargo van with handmade equipment to go teach at daycares, programming. That’s why our facility, unlike most others, is open and welcoming to spectators. Mr.Nasser retired from coaching gymnastics in 2015 and passed the reins to his daughter, Laleh. He still frequents the gym to help out and train coaches and we are proud to continue following his teaching methods and traditions today. Nasser Gymnastics is the oldest, still established gym in the state of Alabama. The gym is and always has been family owned and operated. His wife, Fatemeh, and daughter, Michelle , currently operate Nasser Gymnastics.

Ms. Michelle, Director

Hometown: Mobile, AL

Favorite event: Floor

Michelle grew up in the gym with her family. She competed to level 5 before becoming a cheerleader at Murphy High School and competing as a part of the first Nasser All-star Cheerleading Squad. She’s coached tumbling, cheer, and all levels of gymnastics fundamentals starting with 18 month olds in mom & me classes all the way through preschool, school-age, teenage, and even adult classes. She also coached competitive team levels 1- 4 over her 10+ year tenure as a coach. She loves coaching 3, 4, & 5 year olds and compulsory-level competitive gymnastics.

Coach Abby

Coach Addison

Hometown: Mobile, AL

Coaching at Nasser since February 2023

Favorite event: Balance Beam

Coach Addison is a competitive gymnast and teaches pre-school gymnastics classes. Her coaching philosophy is to create a learning environment that is positive, respectful, and safe. 

Coach Amiah

Hometown: Mobile, AL

Coaching at Nasser since April 2022

Favorite event: Bars 

Coach Amiah started her gymanstics journey at Nasser as a student and became a state champion at just 6 years old. She loves coaching young kids, especially in a sport she fell in love with as a young kid. She also likes watching them learn skills she remembers learning at their age.

Coach Ebony

Hometown: Selma, AL

Coaching at Nasser since May 2019, Team Coach since 2020

Favorite event: Floor, tumbling 

Coach Ebony started her gymanstics journey at Nasser as a student and competed until level 4 before pursing cheerleading at Baker High School. She later cheered at University of Mobile and South. Coach Ebony chose coaching because she is passionate about the sport and loves seeing the light on the students’ face when they get it. 

Coach Emily

Hometown: Childersburg, AL

Coaching at Nasser since May 2023

Favorite event: Floor – bring on the drama!

Coach Emily brings over 20 years of gymnastics and dance coaching experience to Nasser. She competed upto level 6, cheered in highschool, and was in dance for 13 years. Her coaching philosophy is to bring altruism, authenticity and egalitarism within the gym community.


Coach Gina

Hometown: Pittsburg, PA

Coaching at Nasser since August 2017

Favorite event:  Bars

Coach Gina chose coaching because she wanted to build confidence in gymnasts. She loves watching them gain confidence and nail a new skill after working hard and trying. 

Coach Jennifer

Hometown: Mobile, AL

Coaching at Nasser since 2007

Favorite event: Bars

Coach Jennifer competed until level 6 and started coaching at Nasser in 2007. She took a break from coaching to start her family and got back into the gym in 2023.  Coach Jennifer has taught various levels of gymnastics and has been a competitive team coach. She loves to win!

Coach K

Hometown: , AL

Coaching at Nasser since August 2020

Favorite event: Floor, tumbling 

Coach K learned to tumble during his time as an All-star cheerleader. He loves to flip about and having a fun time with his students.

Coach Mya

Hometown: Mobile, AL

Coaching at Nasser since January 2018

Favorite event: Floor 

Coach Mya has done it all. She’s coached rec, team, tumbling, boys, and cheer at Nasser. She was a Cheer leader and tumbler for 14 years and was a competitive cheerleader for 11 years. She was awarded All-American 3 times at South.

Ms. Alexa, Social Media Manager

Hometown: Montogmery, AL

The Parvinrouh Family has owned and operated Nasser Gymanstics for over 50 years.

The Parvinrouh Family has owned and operated Nasser Gymnastics for over 50 years.

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