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With chalk on her hands and sweat in her hair, she could almost taste the gold medal that was within her reach. “One last routine,” she whispered to herself while saluting the judge. As the butterflies went wild in her stomach, she mounted the beam. “Squeeze. Lift, hold, 1 I-love-gymnastics. Tight and sharp. Almost done. Big kick over. Done.” A sigh of relief left her lips. Her coach had the biggest smile and ran up to her with open arms. “I stuck it! I did it!” she thought to herself as her teammates congratulated her. Her score of 9.35 flashed on the screen and she could hear her mom yelling in the stands.

The thought crossed her mind, “I hope I won gold. It’s all I’ve been focused on. I’ve been working so hard in the gym and making my corrections. Oh, I hope I did good enough. My coach would be so proud of me.” It was time to announce the awards for All Around. Her name was called for the gold and tears filled her parents eyes.

“Level 1 All Around State Champ from Nasser’s Anna McLain”
“Level 2 All Around State Champ from Nasser’s Avari Fletcher”
“Level 2 All Around State Champ from Nasser’s GraciFelps”

This has been the story for many young ladies across Alabama but for these three girls at Nasser Gymnastics, it became a reality. We are extremely proud to have three All Around State Champions-Anna McLain, Avari Fletcher, and GraciFelps.

These girls, along with their teammates, have worked through all of the disappointment and triumphs that come with competitive gymnastics. It is not an easy road but it always worth it.

Congratulations Anna, Avari, and Graci!


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